Bedroom Furniture D leader Beds

غرفة نوم أثاث، سرير الإطار الأبيض، قبالة الأبيض، رمادي فاتح 180 × 200 سم
الحجم المتوفر
العرض: 70 – 200 سم
الارتفاع: 160 – 200 سم

BEDROOM FURNITURE, Bed frame white,off white, light grey 180×200 cm
Available size
Width:    70 – 200 cm
Height: 160 – 200 cm




Bedroom Furniture D leader Beds Bedroom Furniture – A world of Style and Elegance. The main focus of Bedroom Furniture since its inception is customer needs and their satisfaction.

The best start to your day is a good night’s sleep. Our sturdy double beds come in different styles to give you maximum comfort and quality. Many have smart features, like built-in storage, Choose a bed from BEDROOM FURNITURE to secure many years of sweet dreams.

A clean design with solid wood. Place the bed freestanding or with the headboard against a wall.Bed frame white,Off white, dry grey,magnolia,buttercream 180×200 cm

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