BEDROOM FURNITURE, wardrobe with 2 doors sliding, A door big mirror with 3 shelves right side  & Hinging right side door, white, off white, light grey, 200x55x200 cm
Bed frame white,Off white, dry grey,magnolia,buttercream 180×200 cm

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SLIDING WARDROBE WITH BED, Because we want to help you to get the best storage solution for your clothes and space, we have a wide variety of extra-large 5 and 6 door wardrobes. Browse our wide range WARDROBE WITH BED with many different styles and sizes. Many wardrobes come with interior fittings included, such as clothes rails or shelves.

A free-standing wardrobe can be a centerpiece to your bedroom. We have wardrobes with mirrors integrated with the doors, or featuring mirrored doors, which can add both space and style to many rooms.
Be space efficient
Sliding doors

Sliding doors wardrobe don’t need free space in front of the wardrobe as they simply slide back and forth within the wardrobe’s frame. In smaller living quarters this can be a real space saver.
Corner wardrobes

Style your bedroom with a unique range of beds, bedside tables, storage & Dressing. Browse through the impeccable assortment of bedroom furniture designs by Bedroom furniture .

Kids Bed with Storage: When buying a youth bed, a popular choice is a bed frame that is more of a piece of furniture than just a standard Wood frame. The furniture comes with various features that allow for storage. This is fantastic if you want to keep your children’s bed neatly in their bedroom.

BEDS, The best start to your day is a good night’s sleep. Our sturdy double beds come in different styles to give you maximum comfort and quality. Many have smart features, like built-in storage, Choose a bed from BEDROOM FURNITURE to secure many years of sweet dreams.

Product Size

Available size
Width:  120 – 300 cm
Depth:    50 – 60 cm
Height: 190 – 245 cm

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